Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Little Linky Love


Ain't it the truth people! Joy, happiness, positive attitudes ... it is an absolute CHOICE! Not one I always make, but I strive to. :)

And, on another topic, I have read so many good things this week, I thought I would share a few. I'm sure I'll miss some, but here goes ...
On throwing a party ... good read by Jon Acuff from Stuff Christians Like.

On the church. And, personally, I've been on both sides of the coin and this piece rocked it. We are called to love the church. The bride of Christ. The end.
On Ethiopia. Another perspective, in many right and true perspectives, but I loved what she said,
"What Ethiopia showed me is that there’s no such thing as Haves and Have Nots. We’re all selling ourselves on the corner without grace. We’re all split and bleeding without love. We’re stronger together. We win because we’re not alone. We’re all the Haves, set apart in purpose, placed in the light of community, taking chances every day, carrying the burdens of another because we're able, loving not out of obligation but desire, stubbornly believing in the face of all we see that we were made for truth."
On healing. I love Alan Smith. One of my favorite teachers. He's solid. And, while you are there, might want to read other good stuff on his blog, too.
And this, on calling to our Heavenly Daddy, from Zach Neese. So good!

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