Thursday, August 29, 2013

On The Horizon

You know when God gives us Words, makes promises, we would love, most times, for them to happen ... oh, right now. Immediately if not sooner. In fact, it would be great not to wait and for all the answers to each Word to be visible and the direction and next steps be provided in writing. But, that's not what faith and trust are about. Faith and trust are about believing in what we cannot see until it becomes real. This picture reminded me a bit of that. It can be pretty bleak and barren looking in the land of waiting. But, the promises, those cattle, they are out there. You can even see some of them. And, they are slowly making their way to the forefront. And, while the wait and the believing are somewhat painful at times, they are always worth it. Because the cattle on a thousand hills all belong to Him! (Psalm 50:10)

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