Saturday, August 17, 2013

What Is Normal?


Every time I think of moving out of this RV and into a house, my brain goes, "Wow, our life will be 'normal' again?" But, truth is, thankfully, that is not the truth.  And, really, what is "normal"? America's definition? Not so much and, if it is, no thank you. And, frankly, we're not moving backward. What we are moving to is a new season in our lives. Some of it may resemble our previous season, but the last three years have changed us. In good ways, in ways we haven't even discovered yet, in ways we never dreamed of and in a few ways we need to discard for better choices. The one guiding truth about this season is it is purposed by God for His glory. We are surrendered to Him. And, there is great peace in that choice.

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