Thursday, August 1, 2013


Here is not exactly high on my list. It is not where we want to be and it is a full-on battle to count our blessings some days. Here is genuinely blessed because we are together and I know at some point in the near future we won't all be in the same 400-square feet and I'll feel lonesome for the togetherness. Here is continued creative use of space and gratitude for a storage unit that holds what we saved of our "in a house" life over the last years. I, honestly, don't even remember what's in some of those boxes. Praying the meaningful, breakable stuff is still in one piece after moving it four times. Here is a bit lonesome because given the unexpected, and even turmoil and heartbreak, of the last nine months, we aren't connected anywhere. Here is crazy more expensive than we dreamed requiring us, now that we realize it, to be more thrifty. Here doesn't meet our expectation and maybe that is where the lesson is. Here is blessed regardless of what I feel some days. Here is where we cling to God knowing He won't fail us even if it doesn't feel like it. Here is where we pull together and speak a truth that we cannot see. Here is where we move and grow in character and where ugliness gets pulled off our spirits. Here is where we ask for new eyes and a new heart to see what God has in mind. And, here is where we are supposed to be for today, for right now. Here is where we pray together, claim what God has said and wait with anticipation for it to happen. Here is where we are learning to trust Him in completely different ways and believe what He says even more because nothing looks remotely like it. But, isn't that what faith is? Believing in what we can't see. It's an easy thing to say, "His timing, not mine." It's a different thing to live that here. And, even though there are days I don't like it, those are days I willfully chose to be thankful for here. Because here is where God has us and here is where His current purpose is and I'm not wanting anymore to miss what He has planned for us here because I am wishing for there, wherever there is.

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