Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Mrs." and "Mother"

I didn't know "Minnie Hobbs," but I know I would've liked her. I mean who wouldn't like some one named Minnie, right? She lived long before I was ever thought of by anyone, but God. But I love what was on her tombstone. In the 79 years that she lived, her "epitaph," if you will, was this, "Mrs." and "MOTHER." Two little words that say so incredibly much.
We live in a world that devalues family, devalues marriage, devalues having children, and, in fact, devalues children. It devalues parenting, devalues purity, devalues values of any kind, works hard NOT to include following Jesus in anything and generally lives by the old Frank Sinatra song, "I Did It My Way." Not good. In Minnie's world, they weren't perfect, but they sought God and they valued family always and so much so, they labeled Minnie "Mrs." and "Mother." I love that.
I love being a Mom and I love being a wife to Mr. Morel. There are days it is hard and trying to figure it out on my own, not so much working. I am not "June Cleaver," no one is. However, I love being a Mom. And, I love being Brian's wife. Did I mention this? We all have different gifts and callings, we who are called to be "Mrs." and "Mother". In fact, God often calls us all to different and same things in different and same ways. That's what makes each of us unique in the way we live this out.
And, what God has called us to and equipped us for is our responsibility to follow-through on. Do our best at. Seek His face daily, and some days moment by moment, to accomplish because doing it with Him is the only way to do it. Eyes on the cross. Humility. Grace. Setting the thermostat. Being intentional. Being vigilant. Absolutely NOT bowing to the world's ideas. Just like my Mom. Just like the many women God has placed in my life as mentors and friends, and just like I imagine about Minnie.
Wife. Mother. Love.
* PS. I do not make it a practice to hang out in cemeteries, however, we were looking for my husband's grandfather's grave marker when we ran across Minnie. It moved me. 

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