Friday, August 9, 2013

Missing Her

Miss her smile. Miss her voice. Miss her smell. Miss her laughter. Miss her cup half full and ready to overflow. Miss her wisdom. Miss calling her Miss loving on her and having her love on me. Miss her playing and planning and plotting with the grand-girls and them calling her to tell her all that's new and some that's not. Miss her laughing with Brian. Miss her loving Jesus big here on this earth and shouting out His glory. Miss her huge amazing heart. Miss her playing with my hair and putting the whammy on my headaches. Miss her crazy great ideas and all the things we shared. Miss every thing about her, big and small, imperfect and beautiful. I just love my sweet Momma. Profoundly grateful for the 48 so-very-short years I had her and she had me. Miss her. Beyond words. Beyond what I can describe. Thankful that Jesus holds her now, like He holds me.

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