Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life to the Full

This is a picture of my Dad and his Dad. I'd say it was taken somewhere in the late 1960's in front of the Alamo. My Dad's life on earth ended unexpectedly in November of 1976 at the young, so very young, age of 36. I've passed that number by 10+. It's crazy. 
I've been looking through old photo's. In particular, photo's that encompassed the last probably 7 or 8 years of our life. It's made me see Jeremiah 29:11, "life to the full," the life God came to give us, so differently.
We're in the midst of changing seasons and many things we loved, things that weren't available to us the last three years, will be again. And, things that have been available to us the last three years, won't be. And, this struck me. God is ever faithful and He has provided life in abundance whatever our situation. Sadly, there have been times we didn't grab it. We passed for whatever reason seemed reasonable at the time, or out of sheer ignorance, and it's heart-breaking we missed it. But, there is life in those pictures that is full and absolutely amazing. God provided it. We chose it and wow!
Comparison, remorse and regret are ugly things. From satan, I'm thinking. So, I'm choosing, we are choosing, not to go there. Reflection, however, is a good thing. We are moving into our new season with open hands, an open heart and full-on excitement. And, a daily prayer not to miss anything, any opportunity He is providing, any blessing He is pouring out. Because, whatever they are, whatever they may look like, they are unequivocally good! And, I never again want to miss His good, specifically tailored for us, because I am looking somewhere else or at someone else's "good."

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