Friday, August 16, 2013

Psst. Psst. Psst.

We have a semi-secret! And, we are holding it close to our hearts. We're excited and nervous and humbled and a wee overwhelmed. Okay, maybe a ton overwhelmed by God's goodness and grace toward us. Wow!
I think most times that's how it is with God's promises and how they come to fruition. We don't know the timing. He does. We don't know how things will all farm out. He does. There are details that must be addressed and we have NO IDEA, can't even fathom, how He will work them out. But, He does. He's got it all together, ready to roll it out in His timing and His way.

God loves giving His kids great gifts. He doesn't dump them all out at once, like Santa. He totally enjoys watching us marvel and be thankful and in awe and crazy amazed and downright giddy at each gift as we open them. And, He is a Wise Father. He knows too much at one time would be just too much for our human selves to handle. He's good like that.
So, my job? Follow where He says. Do the next thing He says to do. Step out in faith. Pray. Believe. And, trust, trust, trust. God is holding us in His hands. And, He never does anything half way. He does it 100%.
And, P.S., we are not pregnant with a baby. We are, however, pregnant with promise!

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