Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catching Up ... Bike Ride!

In April, we all trucked to our favorite state, Texas, and specifically Houston, to support Brian as he took on his second MS150 bike ride. This time, he was riding from Houston to Austin overnighting after the first 100 miles in LaGrange. I would also like to say that Brian rode 176 miles with a whole group of others, not just 150. We got to Houston a day early and enjoyed time with my mother-in-love and dinner with others on Brian's side of the family. It was a great weekend followed by a great week ... more on that next! :) 

Getting ready really early in the a.m. to get in the line up. Did I mention there were two treks to ride ranging 150 to 176 miles? And, did I also mention there were 13,000+ riders? Yep!

And they're off ....

The cheerleaders! Besides the girls, my mother-in-love was on hand for the start. Did I mention it was quite windy therefore making it quite chilly? You can see that the baby wasn't dressed quite appropriately. Yikes!

Yep! That's my man!

Did I also mention they rode in a serious head and cross wind the whole first day? Yep! We followed along via truck whole way to LaGrange driving 15 miles an hour. Saw several riders just blown over. Crazy! But, I will say, it was A-MA-ZING to see so many people riding to support finding a cure for MS.

Cheering my Daddy to the LaGrange finish line!

And, there he is! We were so proud!

So, the next day, my parents were with us waiting at the finish line in downtown Austin. This is a good looking crowd!

Okay, so I know this picture is sideways cause I still haven't figured out the problem yet, but you had to see a photo at the finish line. Brian was in the first 1,000 of the 13,000 who rode. It was very emotional to watch the riders come in!

The whole crowd so proud of our rider!
This is my pal, Ruth! She and I have been friends for more years than I care to tell! :) She and her sweet son, CT, came to be at the finish line, too. It was so awesome to see her and get real live hugs and share the moment with her. I love you, Pal!

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