Sunday, August 12, 2012

Denver: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Our next stop was the "Denver Museum of Nature and Science." We really enjoyed the exhibits here. There was an Egyptian exhibit with a mummy, dinosaurs, wildlife (stuffed, of course), an Indian exhibit (very interesting), live snakes and lizards (ick), a craft/hands-on area and an exhibit on your bodies. It was worth the trip!

Madison and the dinosaur bones. Did you know there are dinosaurs in the Bible?

More dinosaurs!

No, that is not a real snake they are sitting on, but it sure looked like one!

This picture made me think of the "Lion of Judah!" Our Savior and Redeemer. Jesus Christ! Praise His name!
All we were seeing in this museum today was created by Him. Amazing!

Like these enormous walrus!

Thank heaven for baby carriers when babies get tired of walking! :)

My oldest! Isn't she just precious?

More beautiful girls ... Peyton patiently teaching baby sister!

This area was Brianne's favorite area because it was full of manipulatives and you could color. Oh, and they were playing bongo drums, too!

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