Saturday, August 18, 2012

Seattle - Great Fun!

Our last few days were filled with outdoor play, indoor play, dinner out at Iver's and checking out the water and hanging on the back patio enjoying God's beautiful creations ... the great outdoors, the crazy dog, cousins and sisters! It was a great week!

Bikes and scooters and a big hill to ride/coast down.

This is one of the fifteen versions of pine tree on two blocks of my sister's neighborhood.
It was so cool to me because it grows down. Yep!

Dress up fun! These girls have some great imaginations and came up with some really creative plays to go with the dress-up.

I just thought this was an awesome picture. Wind blowing. Water. Beautiful girls.

Baby girl chasing a seagull. The wonder of two year olds!

The BEST salmon dinner ever!

Back yard paradise!

My beautiful, sweet, precious, adored baby sister!

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