Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Colorado Springs: Ghost Town Museum

Our next adventure involved stepping back in time and mining for gold! We visited the Ghost Town Wild West Museum next. It was a wee piece of another of our favorite books, "By the Great Horn Spoon." We seriously LOVED this book! It was extremely clever and quite funny and emphasized integrity in a great way. Anywho, we had fun exploring this tiny town ...

Here we go ...

I think it might have been fun to really ride in one of these. Bumpy, but fun!

We were hoping the stores weren't this disorganized. Who would find anything? This particular room made us think of "Litte House on the Prairie," another of our faves.

On the opposite end of this gun was a bear Peyton was shooting.

Going for a ride!

Praise the Lord she is not ubber interested in talking on the real phone for hours! :)

I'm thinking this guys needed a "pink pill for pale people."

Are you two old enough for this?

I'll take a cadillac, thank you!

Mining for gold (specks). The bigs took this quite seriously.
The wee one, not so much.

We noticed, on our way back to Denver, a sign saying exit now for "Focus on the Family." So, we did. It was well-worth the stop. They have an amazing visitor's center, including a three story slide and a great kids's area plus, a tremendous bookstore. Well worth the stop! I was so surprised at how big the campus of "Focus on the Family" actually is and to look at the very large globe that marks all the places in the world that "Focus on the Family" reaches for God was overwhelming. Definitely worth the stop!

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