Friday, August 17, 2012

Windwalker Challenge Course

I must say that the most fun thing at "Cave of the Winds," for us, was the Windwalker Challenge Course. You are essentially hooked up and off you go on a ropes course of sorts. Oh, and did I mention that a fourth of it is hanging out OVER a cliff? Yep! So, so much fun!

The course ... three stories high and very windy!

The three brave walkers in our household all hooked up and ready to roll!

All three mastering the first story.

The cheerleader chewing her finger ... she was a wee nervous for them!

Such bravery!

This girl is daring!

Uhmmm ... yep this was the part out over the cliff. Go girl!

Second daughter over.

Now here comes Dad!

Bored with watching, she made her own fun!

You didn't think I didn't try it, did you?

Oh this sweet face!

Okay, so I didn't get off the first story and I had cheerleaders VERY close by! :)
But did I mention it was windy?

Ending family photo at the end of a great family trip!
Thank you Lord!

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