Monday, August 13, 2012

Denver: Wildlife Experience

So, "The Denver Wildlife Experience" was one of my favorites! The neat thing about it is it approached learning from a variety of mediums. There were paintings, drawings, photographs, hands-on exhibits, moving exhibits, talking exhibits and two hands-on experience rooms for kids of all ages. Oh, and they had an outside trail with statues everywhere and beautiful gardens and bunnies! Fun! So amazing all the ways that God shows His love for us and never-ending creativity in nature, even the rocks cry out, Holy!

Getting ready to go in ... very bright day!

Unique sculptures.

I like bears!

I am, however, NOT crazy about snakes. Madison actually held this one (the picture, however, was vertical and I still haven't figured out how to post them). Peyton was content just to touch it.

Brianne was exploring "the land."

One example of the amazing artwork!

More exploring!

"What you looking at, Willis?"

The kiddy playroom. Lots of puzzles to do and stuffed animals. And, you could take your shoes off, which Brianne is all about!

An example of the interactive exhibits. These "animals" moved and made sounds.

I'm thinking someone didn't brush their teeth this morning. Ha!

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