Monday, August 13, 2012

Denver: Red Rock Amphitheatre & A Drive

One of the evenings that Brian was out of meetings early, we ventured off to the "Red Rock Amphitheatre" and then drove up into the mountains. "Red Rock Amphitheatre" is a yet another piece of God's amazing handiwork. We didn't actually get to see the amphitheatre as they were setting up for an even, but what we did see was just breath-taking! 

The entrance to the "theatre." Very cool rock formation!

Gorgeous, especially against God's beautiful blue sky!

Daddy and his girls (and downtown Denver in the background).

Mom and girls ... love these girls SO MUCH!

Just bea-u-ti-ful!

Even more bea-u-ti-ful! :)

A small glimpse of the amphitheatre.

More majesty!

One view from the car window on the way to the mountains.

Another view and yes, there is snow! :) In fact, as we drove into the mountains, the temperature dropped. It was so refreshing!

My history-buff husband was excited to drive through this piece of history, the Eisenhower Tunnel ... a very long underground tunnel!

Purple mountain majesty!

We stopped in Dillion to have dinner. Just gorgeous!
Turned around here and headed back to the hotel. Thank you Lord for all of creation!

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