Saturday, August 18, 2012

Seattle - Getting There and The Zoo

We were blessed to be able to spend a week with my sister and her family in Seattle, Washington at the end of June. Thank you, Aunt T, for the spring birthday girls plane tickets. Washington is quite lush and the climate significantly cooler. I even had on a sweater a few days! Our days there were filled with LOTS of cousin time, running around with the dog, playing, a trip to the zoo, lunch at a little market place, a trip to Pike's Peak, lots of good food, lounging on my sister's back porch (which is a wee piece of heaven), and did I mention play? Here's a bit of the story ...

Getting acquainted with the kitty. This one is Shrek.

Getting used to the miniature horse, I mean, dog.
This is an Akita and he is still a puppy ...
a huge puppy! :) And, baby girl LOVED to feed him treats!

M chatting it up with a penguin at the zoo.

Baby girl wanting to get in the action with a wee help from a cousin.

This penguin was so cool!

Riding the carousel with Aunt T.

A sleeping white fox.

Dinner time entertainment. They were amazing!

Group photo in the termite tunnels! :)

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