Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Colorado Springs: Mining Museum

This was our last day of fun in Colorado and Dad had the whole day off. Whoop! We started the day early at the "Western Museum of Mining and Industry." Our history buff's choice! :) And, I would like to say a quite fascinating one. We saw a movie on the mining industry and looked at all the things that are mined that we use in our daily lives and even looked for a wee bit of gold. I would like to say it is not a small thing, AT ALL, the tremendous ways that God has provided for our needs and wants and even our pleasure through the earth's resources and the creativity He has placed in all of us. He really is all that and a bag of chips. Praise His name!

Heading up to see a mining building.

A cool old mining machine.

The chicks!

All the fam ... you can tell it's a wee early in the a.m.

Things made from products mined.

Mining machines.

Our tour guide mining for gold.

A mine shaft replica.

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