Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Colorado Springs: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Part 1

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the coolest zoo's we've ever visited. It is situated up the side of a mountain. It provided many opportunities to get close up to the animals, and Brian got half the day off so we got to enjoy the whole thing as a family! Whoop!

Tall friends inviting visitors at the entrance.

The absolute best and most fun thing to do ... actually feed the giraffes,
who were quite happy to be fed! :)

Big girls LOVED it!

Initially not too certain she wanted to be up that close and personal with a giraffe.

Dad on the other hand ...

Baby girl was a wee intimidated by those black tongues!

One of Brian's co-workers, Miss Linda, joined us at the zoo.

Don't feed the bears!

Instead, feed the chipmunks!

This little guy was not intimidated in the least to share a wee snack with the big guy. Seriously amazing!

She, however, knows exactly who is supposed to be eating the ice cream. This was not the same ice cream shared with the chipmunk. :)

LOVE moose. They are just cool looking! More of God's outrageous imagination!

Thankful that these guys weren't just caged, but there was a fenced covering so they couldn't get out! Eeek!

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