Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Colorado Springs: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Part 2

So much to see and do at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Besides the caged animals, there were peacocks roaming the grounds and a very cool skyride, too. Here's a small picture of the rest of our day!

Really, God just a-maz-es me! Who could have thought up this but Him?

Baby girl was fascinated by the chicken's in the petting zoo.

Going up on the sky ride. Hi Mom!

The view going up.

Love our family!

Going down.

Some of the view going down.

I love chickens. I want a chicken coop!
Fresh eggs, cool looking chickens, roosters crowing. Yep!

Feeding those chickens!

The hippo hiding out. So cool!

This orangutan LOVED the big girls. They hung out at his window for a good long while. He would lean forward and kiss the window and wait for them to kiss him back. Over and over again! Fascinating!

This guy put on a serious show for us before we left.
Eating. Smiling. Yawning. Swimming.

You've got to love the zoo! Being in the mountains and with so much nature is just an amazing reminder, again, of how much God loves us and wants us to know it through His creation!

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