Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catching Up ... Spring Birthday Girls!

Last year, we missed being in Texas and celebrating our spring birthday girls with their sweet friends. So, this year, we decided to throw a party, on our way through FW, with the three families we have done life with the longest and who mean the most to us. We gathered at "Urban Air" in Southlake and jumped and laughed and sang and ate and hugged and played and reminisced and caught up and just felt loved!

Happy 10th Birthday Peyton and Happy 12th Birthday Peyton!
Each year with you sweet girls is only richer and richer!
We love you! Mom and Dad and Brianne!

Ridiculously delicious birthday cakes from "Nothing Bundt Cake!"

The ball pit ... and may I now say there was some serious competiton going on in there between kids and kids and kids and Dads. Yup!

I would have to say that jumping into this foam pit was the hands down favorite.

Climbing out to do it again!

You can't fall anywhere without still bouncing!

Brooklyn flipping through the air with the greatest of ease!

Brendon going in head first!

I hate that this picture is sideways, but these are all of our kiddo's ... these kids were birthed together and raised together and played together and are growing together to be strong warrior sons and daughters for God's Kingdom! Love them all like my own ... there are the the three Morel chicks, the two Byrd's, the three Herrold's and the five Crazy Roots.

Uhmmm ... we're done with pizza. Let's eat cake!

Only our girls would have these gorgeous cakes and fill cupcakes with a ton of candles and blow them out. Such fun!

Todd, Jason, Brian and Vance ... brother-in-arms!

Me, Gina, Kristi and Renee ... seriously blessed to have these sisters in my life. oh.my.

One last jump for the 10 year old!

One last jump for the 12 year old!

This was an awesome time for all our family. Our cups were running over at the end of the very short two hours. Then, it was back to Mississippi until the next time.

BTW, I had tons more great photo's to share, however, they would've all been sideways. :( Anyone who knows how to fix that problem, feel free to share.

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