Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catching Up ... Easter 2012

Here's the scoop on Easter this year. We thought we'd give up something for "lent," but the girls don't quite get that concept, so we decided to take up something. As a family, we spent the 40 days before Easter memorizing 40 verses. It was awesome! We put all our selected verses on index cards on rings and read them aloud everyday at least once. We were amazed at how easy it was to remember so many when we read them everyday. We're going to make this a practice in our lives now. Eating, reading, memorizing His Word!

And, in preparation for Easter, the big girls made some thumbprint cards for their friends. Of course, the Easter bunny visited and we looked for eggs. It was a great family day focused on the reason for Easter and that is ... He is RISEN!

Creativity at it's finest! It's an awesome thing to be able to use the front office at our RV park. More space!


Pink pinkies!

"I found it!"

Barely awake ... aren't they adorable?

Ready for church!

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